Creating a Braille document involves more than just matching the text and reproducing the content. Properly formatted text will make the document easier to follow for the Braille reader, which is why our clients rely on our support for truly accessible documents.


In order to properly format the document, several factors must be taken into consideration, to name a few:


  • Documents may contain Headings and Sections
  • Tables and charts require special formatting
  • Lists have to be arranged in a logical sequence

To that end, at ISI, we understand the standards and always follow industry best-practices:


  • Strict adherence to BANA Standards (Braille Authority of North America)
  • Early adopter of the new UEB standard
  • Utilizing Interpoint braille to conserve paper


By partnering with ISI, you now have access to:



  • One of the largest braille production facilities in North America
  • Complete Fulfillment Services
  • A trusted partner, dedicated to making you look good

Large Print

Creating a Large Print document is more than just making the text larger! With Large Print, there’s a lot to consider, including justification, columns, hyphenation, line leading, just to name a few.


Our clients are busy. We get that. This is why they rely on ISI to take the burden from them. Our workflow ensures that Large Print documents are properly formatted for easy reading. Best-practice standards are followed on every component. Your Document is delivered. Accurate. On Time. Every Time.


Audio documents are more than just recording the text and delivering to your customer.


At ISI, we provide:

  • Full audio scripting to arrange the components in a logical reading order
  • Complete Table of Contents for large documents
  • Properly formatted Tables and Charts