Emilie Villeneuve

Emilie Villeneuve’s love of language started early. She grew up in France and chose to study English at age 11 and Spanish at 13. By the time she went to University, she was fluent in three languages.

Since coming to ISI in 2000, Emilie has been the driving force behind ISI’s evolution from a small language agency into a global, top-tier language supplier. She has unparalleled hands-on experience in handling complex, large-scale technical projects across multiple languages.

Emilie’s understanding of localization tools and technologies, as well as quality, project and localization management systems help ISI’s clients improve operational efficiency and develop consistent, culturally-appropriate language solutions.

Michael Bearden has pursued his passion for language as a writer, journalist and adjunct professor of English at the University level. His love of travel took him to Latin America where he taught ESL classes and where he saw first-hand the challenges of communication. Michael came to ISI in 2005.

Michael brings a passion for language and cross-cultural communication to his role as President at ISI. Through his leadership and vision, ISI’s global team of language professionals focus their efforts on helping organizations reduce language-related spend and increase speed-to-market.

Michael partners with ISI’s clients to build customized language solutions, leveraging his expertise with both business and language to help them polish their tone, style and brand. He has established strategic relationships with blue-chip organizations across diverse industries, and works closely with ISI’s technical and linguistic visionaries to provide white glove language support at the enterprise level.

Michael Bearden

Caroline Lee
Director of Production

After graduating from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan, where she majored in English and minored in Spanish, Caroline Lee earned an advanced language degree at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2009.

Caroline came to ISI in 2011 as a Localization Project Manager, and quickly ascended into her current role as Director of Production. In this role, she oversees a global team of Project Managers, Linguists, Designers, Proofreaders and language support staff.

Caroline is a trusted touch point for many of our corporate clients. She is responsible for project deliverables, quality assurance, and large project requirements. She develops and implements customized processes for large client initiatives; manages large-scale project deadlines, and ensures ISI’s services and solutions meet our client’s ever-changing needs.

A native of Busan, Korea and a lifelong lover of languages, Gloria Lee studied Chinese and Korean literature at Rutgers University, before earning a Master’s Degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California, where she studied Translation and Interpretation in both Korean and English.

Gloria came to ISI in 2013 as a localization project manager and in-house Korean team lead. As our transIT Manager, she oversees all aspects of ISI’s translation management software, ensuring transparency and optimized control for all of our business and production processes.

Her focus is on harnessing the power of transIT to help our customers achieve shorter time to market cycles, while ensuring the highest possible quality standards across the enterprise.

Gloria Lee
transIT Manager