As a Top-15 language supplier, many of our brand name clients create multimedia components that need to reach a global audience.  As their language partner, we measure success by scrutinizing the manner in which the multilingual messages resonate with our target audience. Strategically located in the production/studio hub of Los Angeles, we understand the spike in content creation utilizing multimedia technologies and rich media.

Our multimedia localization teams utilize a global network of resources from cutting edge studio facilities, multilingual voice-over talent, and dedicated multimedia production professionals with decades of expertise in the latest recording, editing and mastering solutions.

Our clients create online presentations, they develop global tutorials and eLearning programs, and direct and produce films; it’s a workload that requires a trusted, transparent language partner who provides culturally intelligent solutions that meet complex multimedia localization requirements.


Our dedication to remaining “technology agnostic” means we can be flexible, fast and cost-efficient – often coming in at less than half the cost of competitors who rely on expensive, proprietary in-house technology. Our teams are well-versed in all programs across both Mac and PC platforms.

We can Help You With:

Audio Script Translation

Multilingual Voice-Overs

Multilingual Subtitling

Video Production & Cultural Content Adaptation